Managed IT Services For Engineering Firms

We can help maintain your networks and systems so you can focus on designing the world of tomorrow.

Engineering firms are held to a consistently high standard in all aspects of their operation, which makes reliable IT service an absolute requirement for any high-performing engineering business. Grundig IT acts as a strategic partner, providing IT support for a variety of engineering, manufacturing, and industry-focused business with services encompassing a wide variety of technology needs.

Corporate Application Support

From Exchange to SharePoint, Salesforce, and varied proprietary software, Grundig IT provides resources and support to properly install, monitor, and manage the applications that keep your company in production. Building on decades of IT experience, our team can help you develop and fine tune an application system that contributes positively to your organization’s productivity and avoids system instability or failure.

Digital Security

The confidential information your company utilizes on a daily basis is incredibly valuable—both to you and disreputable external parties. Protect this data from intrusion, theft, and loss with multi-layer security and backup services from Grundig IT. We set up anti-virus programs, firewalls, automatic backups, and encryption to keep your data and the systems enclosing it safe, secure, and private.

Mobility & Cloud Services

When your engineers are on the road visiting clients, sites, or conferences it is important that they are able to stay

connected and keep working securely and without interruption. Let Grundig IT ensure your connectivity with the right mobility and cloud applications for your organization, configured to maximize productivity across various devices no matter where your employees are using them.

Network Management

If your network is down, your firm is down with it—and that means lost productivity and a potentially damaging event for your reputation. At Grundig IT we help our clients deploy and maintain the right systems to increase network reliability and minimize downtime events so the systems you rely on are working whenever and wherever you need them.

Optimization and Cost Savings

Outsourcing your technology management saves expensive break-fix costs and allows your team to focus on production and their other core responsibilities. In addition, our experts can provide a detailed assessment of your company’s IT infrastructure, identifying potential problems and suggesting different options to reduce expenses, increase productivity, and streamline your internal processes.

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