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Grundig IT provides expert computer and network services to Bay Area businesses, including those located in San Ramon. Bishop Ranch, the office park development located on 585 acres of land in San Ramon, is home to several large corporate headquarters. Mixed in with these corporate giants are several small to mid-sized businesses as well, and our services include technology support options that enable them to run smoothly, allowing them to be more efficient, productive, and possibly expand. Our typical clientele are spread across a variety of industries, including healthcare, law, accounting, engineering, retail, construction, manufacturing, professional services, and many more.

Our company is comprised of a small team which allows us to provide personalized service to companies of all sizes. No matter your technology needs, we will work with you to ensure an excellent and affordable experience. Here are the IT consulting services we provide for small to mid-sized businesses. We’re sure our company can meet the needs of the many diverse employers located throughout San Ramon.

Managed Services

Managed Services is the proactive management of an information technology (IT) asset or object by a third party. Grundig IT proactively manages and maintains our clients’ most important IT assets, monitoring servers, networks, applications, workstations and personal computers. We utilize a centralized monitoring platform that allows us to observe changes in several systems such as security, backups and patch levels. We also perform a detailed monthly inspection of your servers and network to evaluate storage utilization and security.


Businesses of all sizes in San Ramon should be concerned about data security as new and diverse threats are constantly arising. Precautions must be taken to prevent data breaches and protect networks. At Grundig IT, we understand that proper security measures are necessary, as lesser security increases the risk of loss. We utilize various security measures in order to protect business networks, including managed antivirus, malware protection, antispam, encryption, hardware firewalls, server firewalls, and several others.

Mobility and Cloud Services

Todays’ workforce is increasingly mobile, and San Ramon businesses are no different. This is creating a need for seamless connectivity between a variety of devices. Grundig IT has expertise in evaluating, implementing, customizing and maintain cloud solutions. We work with all major online service providers, including Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, Business Cloud Phone Providers, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and more.

Network Management

Grundig IT provides professional network management to support your network stability, quickly respond to threats, and avoid downtime that can bring productivity to a stop. Typically a business will have a Local Area Network (LAN), which has a server and attached workstations. However, today it is common to add hosted services which complicates this environment and puts a strain on internal IT resources by increasing network complexity. We can help build an environment that is optimized to operate effectively and provide ongoing support and proactive maintenance.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your company’s data is one of its most valuable resources, and should be secured against loss. Grundig It works with clients to determine which data resources are most crucial to company operations, and what tools and practices to use to best protect data and allow easy, accessible recovery. In today’s world the amount of data companies utilize has increased exponentially. We can help your organization access new backup tools and technologies to provide multiple backup possibilities, decrease recovery times, and enable an effective disaster recovery plan.

When it comes to your San Ramon business computer and network needs, let us worry about IT so you don’t have to.  Grundig IT can manage complex systems effectively and bring your business to a higher standard of workplace information technology. To find out more information, call us at 925-528-9081 or send an email to